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An image of psychotherapist Courtney Hunter from Issaquah, WA.

Meet Courtney Hunter


Courtney Hunter, LMHC

There may be a variety of reasons why you are here, and I welcome them all. I reside in the Snoqualmie Valley area and was born and raised in the beautiful PNW. When not engaging you can find me hiking in the mountains, buried in a book with hot tea or spending time with family and friends.

As an individual who was a client long before a counselor, I know the courage it takes to consider change, not knowing what that may look or feel like. I came to an unforeseen crossroad in my life and found I needed support outside of my family and friends. Through working with a counselor, I was able to understand the symptoms I was experiencing and how to anticipate and manage them. In the process I discovered pieces of myself that had been lost and was able to meet myself with a new view.

I am honored to now walk with clients through their path and hope you discover a path of grace waiting for you.

An image of mental health counselor in Issaquah, WA Courtney Hunter.
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